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Lynn Youngs

Special training, certifications, ect:
⦁    Goldwell Master Color Specialist
⦁    Goldwell Color Specialist
⦁    KMS Cutting IQ
⦁    Surface Cutting
⦁    Many Goldwell, KMS and Surface classes

In her 20+ years of experience, Lynn frequently attends classes to keep up to date on the latest trends and techniques.  Lynn proudly uses Surface Organic Color & hair products and is known for her relaxing shampoos and precision hair-cutting. "I love making people feel beautiful on the inside as well as out."
Lynn enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters, especially at their camp in the summertime.

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Lynn's Price List

Women’s Cut & Style                      $35

Women's Cut & Extra Style            $45

Men’s Cut                                        $28

Child’s Cut (Preschool)                   $20

Child’s Cut (6-12)                           $25

Shampoo & Style                             $25

Updo/Formal Style                         $65

Color Retouch                                 $60

Full Color                                        $75

Highlight                                         $90

Babylights                                       $100

Accent Foils (each)                         $ 4

Elumen Accents                              $ 8

Filler                                                $35

Toner                                               $35

Permanent Wave                            $90

Specialty Perm                                $150

Extra Product Charge                     $20

Wax Services:

Arm                                                  $30

Brow                                                 $18

Chin                                                  $12

Face                                                  $35

Lip                                                    $12

Nose                                                 $12

Lynn's Gallery

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